Zeon is the 1st Jailbreak repo extractor for 14 and higher

Install Jailbreak apps , themes and tweaks from Zeon extracting Jailbreak repos

Zeon is 3 in 1 Jailbreak solution for 14 and higher

Zeon, especially designed for 14 and higher launched along with the 14 and higher release. Zeon app offers you the wide variety of customization apps / Themes, Jailbreak app installers, App stores, Games & many more.

Zeon Repo Extractor

This is the first ever convenient Repo extractor for 14 and higher Zeon Repo extractor has 1000+ repositories / Sources listed under many categories. Download themes, tweaks, Emulators, Games, music on 14 and higher by extracting repos.

Zeon Jailbreak apps

Zeon offers you the most popular Apps for 14 and higher Also, you can download Popular App stores, Jailbreak Apps. Get exclusive apps to customize your device using Themes, wallpaper and many more.

Zeon Tweaks

A large collection of shortcut apps which works through Appleā€™s shortcut feature. Get most popular shortcuts on 14 and higher through Zeon Tweaks. Once you tap the zeon tweaks, shortcuts automatically add to your gallery.